Looking at bugs makes me feel, this must be a similar perspective to from where God is looking down at people (us, all of us): I see beutiful small creatures, waiting, crawling or flying along their way, with absolute disregard of if they are reckless killers, notorious robbers, or being purely instinct driven in any other way. They are (all of them) a piece of beauty in creation and to fill in the other end of the equasion: so are people (us).

One main thing that distincts us is : our choices, which would deem us being right or wrong. And the circumstance of not having any choice right over worng by the lack of moral understanding deems all these little creatures innocent. So I continue looking at them as a piece of beauty in the whole of creation while I envy the simplicity of their existence.

I know, I am pretty much  oversimplifying this, yet I can not help but to pursue images of bugs like they would be characters living in some kind of idealistic fairytlale world (even though looking at them from a factual perspective they surely are not)...

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