A few years ago I started working with homestagers. One would not expect so at first glance but on the 80/20 rule basis 80% of high-end enterieur shots' quality is demanded with just 20% of resources at hand - it is quite demanding.

After just the first few assignments done, the learning curve showed a course sharp upwards technically and conceptually aswell.

Fact is, you have to work quicker, while there is no previous check of the location, and no return next day. Additionally you may need to start the job with mounting furniture instead of looking for angles and perspectives, because logistics sometimes outplays the team supposed to clean and stage the set in advance.

It is amazing that some of the properties are sold within a few days, in this aspect the most stunning case was someone calling from Australia, buying a flat in Budapest without either having a look at the place nor negotiating the price.

This business is about make buyers want to buy before they are on location.  Yet why surprised? When shooting, most of the times I end up falling in love a bit with each place, wondering what it could be like to live there.

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