Cambo SC first impressions

If a technology becomes obsolete within the industry, it still can
be valued high on the amateur market. Technical cameras are available brand new
today too, and back then the old ones cost a good car’s price, but those with
movements not precise enough to support digital gear are sold out cheap. This
is approximately the same as buying an oldtimer sportcar. It is easy to buy,
but who knows about maintenance because prices of parts are driven high by 2nd
hand sellers.

For this reason the first roll of film to pass through a 6x9 back was
critical, because it tells me: the camera does work properly.

A new chapter opened up, as large format photography is quite a
different story compared to the automated point-and-shoot cameras, where a
little computer does most of the calculations and settings for us within athe
fragment of a second.

The Cambo SC is heavy, robust, hard to move around, for the
beginning: extremely slow to work with, so this is about stepping out of any
comfort zone to push my limits. It is kind of I will need to learn photography from

Using Format