homestaging by x100

This week I had the luck to work with a great customer.
On location you talk to your clients and this time I got a lot of praise on the
images I delivered last time. But as during work you – or at least I – need
to focus on the image taking, I found it quite difficult to give a better reply
then “hm, hm, thank you”. Surely it is also a personal thing, I am really not
used to think of my work as great (I consider my images as ready or not for
delivery), and I am also not used to get compliments face to face.

As this made me think of it as a probable improvement
opportunity, I also realized the very point behind why those images and my work
as a photographer earned quite a positive feedback.

What makes working with this client special is: all people involved really like what they do. I am convinced, they find the same joy in renovating,
then preparing the property, as I find in shooting, and this way browsing through the delivered images is a reward for all of us.

I hope to shoot again soon for these guys (or better: with them)!

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