Summer Camp

Last week I’ve been out shooting in a summer camp at the Joe City Evangelic-Lutheran Community (actually this is a volunteer work, as my wife is the priest there).

Besides the usual summer-camp-business, like making friends, chit-chat, eat, play and also fight a little bit, there is a lot of christian stuff probably not that obvious for first glance. Consider, there are some kids with backgrounds, like living in deep poverty, being raised by foster parents, or even more difficult (would not go into detail for the sake of the kids here and now). Then look at the exercise in image 3-5, where overlaying silhouettes of kids of all kind are painted with colors, telling all of them - including the ones with lots of privileges they are not even aware of - that as per human value they are equal.

I think this message is more important - as such messages tell more about the quality of a community - than how nice their church building might look, or how proud its tower pierces into the blue sky (btw, our chapel has no tower, seems not that important - just saying). Yet the challenge is to shoot images that really tell what is the important part of being a christian, vs. just showing some shiny surface.

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